Actions against Trump could take a while

Actions against Trump could take a while

It might take some time Donald Trump Constitutional prosecution against the Federal House of Representatives After the Senate in the Federal Legislature votes to allow witnesses to be heard, MTI writes.

The Senate of 50 to 50, divided into bipartisan politicians, approved hearings ranging from 55 to 45 witnesses. Senate Jimmy Herrera Butler He wants to hear a Republican lawmaker reported on Friday that Trump said in a phone conversation that the crowd was more angry at the president’s defeat in the election than Republican politicians. He also said that Trump initially denied that his supporters had attacked Congress, as the results of the presidential election were being prepared for approval by the Senate. Herrera Butler is one of the Republicans who supported the start of the Trump trial.

Trump is the only president in US history against whom the House of Representatives has filed a constitutional indictment for the second time. On the other hand, there is little chance that the Senate will convict it, because it requires the votes of 17 Republican senators, because the Democrats do not have the necessary two-thirds majority in the Senate. Mitch McConnellThe leader of the Republican faction announced that he would vote to impeach the president.

The House of Representatives accused Trump in January of inciting the revolt because his supporters stormed the Capitol after a fiery speech on January 6.

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