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Acquired Gearbox – PlayDome Games Online Magazine


Embracer Group is a Swedish group of companies that previously acquired several other publishing groups.

02/03/2021 14:04 | Jerig | Category: Business

a Motion vector It has been a guarantee of games’ quality for many years, but they recently lost a lot of their reputation. This required several rather serious failures, all of which left their mark. However, Gearbox has continued to operate as a developer and publisher, and will continue to do so in the future – only now Embracer Group As a member.

Embracer Group today announced its acquisition of the studio. According to the details revealed, Gearbox will immediately receive $ 188 million in addition to $ 175 million in Embracer shares under the agreement. In addition, Embracer may pay a total of $ 1.5 billion over the next six years, but this is tied to meeting certain conditions but has not been disclosed.

The official announcement revealed that there will be no change in the Gearbox management, and half a thousand generous employees of the studio should not be afraid of being bulldozed. Instead, the goal will be to expand the studio even further so they can make better games in the future – only now as part of the Embracer Group.

Consequently, the Embracer Group has increased the number of video game groups it owns. These games include Amplifier Game Invest, Coffee Stain Holding, Easybrain Studio, DECA Games, Koch Media, Saber Interactive, THQ Nordic, and now Gearbox. ■

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