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Accused of racism, he began removing his music, but the white country musician remained at the top of the list

Accused of racism, he began removing his music, but the white country musician remained at the top of the list

Despite the campaign against him, Morgan Wallen’s second album continues to top the US sales charts.

Morgan Wallen is one of the most successful light musicians right now in North America. Even if we look at the North American best-selling artist record these weeks. The 27-year-old country musician’s second album was released in January and was heading for the fifth week in a row. Billboard 200 Album Sales List. CountryzenésznekThis performance was last achieved in 2003Writes CoS. Wallen’s record is likely to sell well in the coming weeks as well, as he’s the musician who shocked him last week over his sentence in a video clip recorded by his neighbor.

After an evening soaked in water, Wallen pushed an acquaintance to the ground in front of his house while telling (about) another person with him to “Watch out for this tender nigger.” The neighbor videotaped the ordeals of the drunk, Yen and his company, after which the recording appeared on TMZ-N,The musician apologized, but that wasn’t enough.

First, Apple and Spotify removed their song from their music lists, then hundreds of radio stations joined the furious erasure, removing Wallen’s music from their shows without exception. Currently, the major bans and deletions have had the opposite effect, as there has been a natural increase in interest in Yen’s music and more and more people are acquiring songs from the new album. However, the question remains what will happen to the young musician. You can still lead the more serious album sales list for a few weeks, but if it comes back to life, you could run into serious trouble without concerts. At the moment, however, it appears that you cannot expect many requests. The day after the video containing the unfortunate sentence was leaked, it was already banned by the Academy of Country Music.So you can’t get any prizes from them this year,He was clearly among the odds. Wallen uploaded a video on her social pages a few days ago in which she apologized and provided details of how bad she felt and the feelings she had been going through since then.

former In our article We looked in more detail at the impact on the career of a black NBA player from a clause almost perfectly matched to Wallen, with which he deliberately tried to offend one of his white opponents. It was a particularly angry racist appearance on the part of the black gamer (at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement), yet his punishment had no consequences. So much so that it was certified a few months later from one Los Angeles club to another.

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