According to Wolff, people fear the right to make more changes to the 2021 calendar

a Mercedes Toto Wolf, his captain, was asked about this ORF. “This fear, of course, is quite appropriate.” However, he sees the situation as better than it was in 2020.

They are now basically ready to compete exclusively in Europe and the Middle East if needed, but Australia and China postponing may be an exception.

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Australia was postponed, but the race was so important that they did not want to cancel it altogether. That’s why it reached the end of the season. In China, major events were banned anyway until August. These factors cannot be affected. That’s why we started in Bahrain. “.

Meanwhile, in some countries, the virus has been tightened further, and in many places there is also a curfew, which makes it difficult to imagine the pandemic being over any time soon. Wolf is more optimistic.

“I expect that by the end of the summer, we might have a fairly normal season,” said Mercedes’ co-owner and team leader. Of course, the uncertainty remains very high, and there may be other changes to the F1 program.

Verstappen, Perez & Albon at an event – it might be embarrassing …

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