According to TSMC, there are companies that stock tiles

According to TSMC, there are companies that stock tiles

The chip shortage in this form is partly artificial, but the Taiwanese wage maker is trying to deal with the situation.

Interesting writing appeared on time Magazine page in which the media gave an interview to Mark Lyot, President of TSMC.

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One topic was the global shortage of chips, which affects everyone, and Mark Liu reported previously unknown details of the case. For the same problem, the automakers pointed to TSMC, which the Taiwanese wage maker’s chief said was unfounded as he saw no point in not providing input to his customers. At the same time, it can be seen that more tiles leave the factory than finished products, so there is a backlog at some point in the supply chain.

To address this, TSMC has begun collecting data on customers who are already in short supply and companies that are stockpiling only for bad times.

Based on the results of the investigations, TSMC decided to reallocate production capacity to those customers who really need it and lose it to partners who for some reason sit on their manufactured stock. Reportedly not all of this was a very popular move, but the pay maker felt it was fair.

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