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According to Trump, he stands in the way of destroying America

According to Trump, he stands in the way of destroying America

Voting is already well underway in South Carolina, in the second Republican primary this year, but Donald Trump did not mention his rival, Nikki Haley, at the Washington conference of the conservative umbrella organization CPAC. Of course, this is somewhat understandable: Although Healey was once the governor of South Carolina, he was always considered an outsider, and now he is a complete loser. According to the average of the latest opinion polls, Trump He leads by 27.5 percentage points Against Haley, based on public opinion polls, you can count on 61.6 percent, while Haley's approval rating is at most 34 percent.

So instead of the primaries, Trump focused his speech on the November presidential election, before which he was presented as “the next president of the United States.” He hastily told his supporters that he was the only person standing in the way of destroying the United States. He described Joe Biden, who defeated him four years ago, as “the most incompetent president in the history of our country,” which received warm applause from his fans.

Referring to his legal issues – there are currently four criminal cases pending against him – he claimed, without any evidence, that he was a victim of political persecution. Furthermore, he described himself as a “maverick” and then joked, “I've been indicted more times than Alphonse Capone.”

In his speech, Trump also mentioned Viktor Orban, whom he described as a “good guy, smart guy,” and then cited at length the nice things the Hungarian prime minister had said about him.

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In his speech, Trump, who has completely subjugated the Republican Party to himself over the past eight years, tried to describe himself as a kind of outsider. “For the sake of the future, we must throw off the shackles of the political elite, and that starts with dishonest Joe Biden,” he said.

His hour-and-a-half speech included a story about his “unnerving journey” to Iraq, but he also outlined his future plans, the essence of which is the mass deportation of millions of migrants and the removal of all migrants from the country. Oil and gas found from the ground.

According to BBC analysts, Trump's keynote speech was highly reminiscent of the first major speech of his presidency, his inauguration speech in 2017, in which he envisioned the destruction of America. They wrote that although he had been president for four of the past seven years, the situation had not improved at all, according to the signs. (BBC, Watchman, New York times)

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