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According to the US Secretary of State, there are three things that threaten a large part of the world’s population

According to the US Secretary of State, there are three things that threaten a large part of the world's population

This was said by Anthony Blinken in his speech outlining the policy of the US government on the continent increased extremism, Growing authoritarianism and rampant corruption in Africa threaten democracy, human rights, and the future of a large part of the world’s population.

The foreign minister had previously discussed in Kenya. In the Nigerian capital, Abuja, he signaled to the country’s leaders and officials that the United States expects results from them, including setting an example for their Ethiopian and Sudanese counterparts.

Dictatorship is spreading all over the world

He said in a speech at the Economic Community of West African States headquarters in Abuja.

He cited threats to freedom of expression and assembly and the overthrow of civilian governments in Africa at least four times this year.

Meanwhile, governments are becoming less transparent

Blinken said. We are seeing this across Africa, he added, as leaders ignore deadlines, manipulate or postpone elections, exploit social grievances to gain and maintain power, arrest opposition figures, crack down on the media, and allow security services to brutally impose restrictions on the world. .

According to the US Secretary of State, the threats posed by violent extremists, criminals and internal armed conflicts are very real. Just as it can destabilize countries and regions, it can undermine development and cause humanitarian disasters.

Blinken said:

Part of the answer is having effective and professional security forces and local law enforcement able to protect citizens while respecting human rights.

Nigerian security forces have long been accused of violating human rights during their operations, and the personnel involved frequently flee justice. In October 2020, a government-backed body reported that the military opened fire on a demonstration in the country’s economic hub, where hundreds protested against police brutality, killing 11 people and wounding many more.

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Blinken said the United States was awaiting the full outcome of the investigation and would decide arms sales to Nigeria on the basis of partly holding those responsible.

We are awaiting the response of the state and the federal government to the findings, and we expect it to include steps to ensure accountability and address the grievances of the victims and their families, he said in a press conference with Nigerian Foreign Minister Jeffrey Onia, today, Thursday. .

Blinken’s visit to Nigeria is the second leg of a three-country tour of the continent that started in Kenya and ends in Senegal.

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