According to the Romanian minister, fuel theft is part of their culture

According to the Romanian minister, fuel theft is part of their culture

Romania’s defense minister has come up with a very specific explanation for the theft of “industrial quantities” of fuel from a US military base in the province of Constanta in southeastern Romania.

In early December, we reported that some Romanian “brothers” had undermined Romania’s standing vis-à-vis the strategic ally the United States – and many other countries – by: Diesel was stolen in industrial quantities At the Mikhail Koglniceanu military base used by the US Army in the province of Constanta.

the Thanks for the . report We also know the answer: it happened at the Koglinisano military base

Americans who did not take into account Roman cultural customs bear ultimate responsibility for the theft of fuel

Romanian Defense Minister said.

He could have exploded with bitterness and cynicism from Defense Minister Vasily Denko when he captured Americans’ ignorance that only $2 million worth of fuel could be stolen from under the noses of American soldiers from a strategically important base.

Denko said the thieves obtained the diesel fuel at a refueling point outside the US military base.

The minister explained that it was neglect (on the part of the Americans) because they don’t know enough about our culture.

In late November, the Office of the Attorney General for Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) conducted a home search of members of a criminal organization that had been stealing gas from an air base in Constanta County in the United States for years.

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