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According to the newspaper, MSZP, LMP and Dialogue will merge under the Christmas banner

According to the newspaper, MSZP, LMP and Dialogue will merge under the Christmas banner

However, he wrote in response to his private information that Jobbik, led by Peter Jakab, banned Ferenc Gyurcsány they would have “a few words” to do so.

According to an article in Response Online, public discussions around the pre-election phase actually refer to “large operations in depth” aimed at identifying centers of power within the opposition, with three factors playing a major role: Gregory Christmas, Jobbik and DK. All three forces want to take the lead within the opposition.

The paper states that if the opposition wins a miracle in 2022, it is certainly not a six-party coalition.

“The 99 movements of Gergely Karácsony are used in part to give the body and mass for the rapid fusion of MSZP and LMP and dialogue, and this should be the ‘flagship’ of the future.” – He writes the paper.

However, the newspaper believes Jobbik, led by Peter Jakab and Ferenc Gyurcsány, will have “a few words” for this.

Jakab Peter and Jobbik tend to be confident in their primary role – and to that end they seek ‘hidden integration.’ The party will run independently in only six of the 106 districts in the previous elections; but even that’s just a snapshot, there may be too many to end up with you Ending up in alliance with someone or someone everywhere.At about this time, the KDP has 33 special candidates, no one else has supported them yet, and the momentum has 26 candidates, so these are the least attractive parties (while Dialogue MSZP is 19 and the LMP is independent in nine constituencies). they write.

According to sources in the newspaper, this is not true “There will be a large number of civilians who do not have a great political past, but are known, overwhelming momentum and immaculate civilians in the circles concerned.” The paper mentions the movement of Peter Markie Z., whose list leader was Gustav Almasi Keskskis, who started from Fides, and then ended up in the Movement of Hungary (MMM) with a touch of liberals.

According to opposition sources in the newspaper “It may even be useful for each party to be able to form interesting local alliances with any other, because once in a lifetime they are in government, they can form a coalition along the already brimming bargaining processes.” According to Answer Online, in 2018, Fidesz achieved a score of close to 50% in only 47 constituencies compared to the opposition that was still fragmented at the time, and there are only 27 constituencies that can be considered safe, in which the referee has triumphed. It can even be laminated. The 47% win list can change at this time as well according to the paper. Answer Online believes that when comparing all the data, the opposition should not initiate pre-selection in more than 30 to 33 regions.

Photo: Attila Trinca

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