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According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they did not hack their Facebook page

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they did not hack their Facebook page

Anonymous paid tribute to the State Department’s official Facebook login profile on Thursday, we wrote in an earlier version of this piece of news. Foreign Affairs responded to the news.

As we wrote, outsiders, without any separate explanation on the page, replaced the cover image of the page with another with a clad hand pulling the Russian flag, and behind it the flag of the German Nazi Party appears.

The page previously displayed a number of publications, the official login publications of Peter Szijjarto from the ministry, as well as several previous foreign jobs. The Facebook page was previously tagged in dozens of posts by Péter Szijjártó and other pro-government public figures.

But the ministry wrote to Euronews:

The profile was fake and misleading and has already been taken down by the community.”

By the way, on the mysterious status page, the anonymous Direkt 36 posted a couple of days ago. Fact-finding articleWhich reveals that by the second half of 2021, the Russians completely hacked the computer network and the internal correspondence of foreign affairs, and also hacked the network used to transmit information classified as “restricted” and “secret”.

Because of the scandal, the opposition coalition called on Foreign Minister Peter Sigarto to resign.

Like us inform usSeveral pro-government media came under cyber attack on Monday morning. This measure is believed to have been carried out by the international hacker group Anonymous because, despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, “the Hungarian government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán continue to act as a Trojan horse for the Kremlin in Europe”.

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And on Wednesday, the Fidesz website became inaccessible. The party explained this as “an unknown international hacking attack on Fides”, which, moreover, is an “obvious interference in the elections”.

The opposition’s momentum is also out of reach in the early afternoon.

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