According to the leak, another classic episode of Call of Duty may arrive after its revamp

According to the leak, another classic episode of Call of Duty may arrive after its revamp

With the Call of Duty franchise getting cooler than ever, according to Activision’s stats, there’s no doubt that the new CoD will be back again this year, and it wouldn’t be surprising if an updated version of another Call of Duty installment were released. According to the leak, there’s a chance that, in fact.

Yes, yes, it’s all about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, this time from the third episode classic that was released in 2011. No A Twitter account called PlayStation Game Size One of his posts stated that a hitherto unknown game size had been leaked from Activision’s database. That’s 43,970 GB, which is pretty meager compared to the space requirements for CoD today, which is why you might suspect it’s an updated version of Modern Warfare 3 for the older Call of Duty, for example.

The leak even had an age rating (17+) and a game ID that just wrote, “We love dogs!” (“We love dogs!”). Due to the presence of dogs in MW3, many people doubt the part, but the ghost of 2013 appeared Riley, which we can also control during the game. So there are those who say we can count on Call of Duty: Ghost Remastered.

Of course, there was already a rumor last year about Modern Warfare 3 Remastered, and this game will be 10 years old this year, so there is a possibility that after the revamped versions of the Part 1 and Part 2 campaigns, we will be able to modify the nextgen version adapted for the console sometime in 2021. It turns out earlier that the new Hammer Hammer developed the new CoD, so that way we might really be back on the fronts of WWII.

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