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According to the former head of Google X, in two years there will be a disaster due to artificial intelligence

According to the former head of Google X, in two years there will be a disaster due to artificial intelligence

Former Google CEO Mo Gawdet, who used to lead the secretive X division of the Silicon Valley giant Silicon Valley, is very concerned about artificial intelligence.

“This goes beyond an emergency,” said Jawdat, headed by Stephen Bartlett. Diary of a CEO titled in a podcast. “This is the most important thing we need to change today. It’s more important than climate change, believe it or not.

“The potential for something incredibly devastating to happen in the next couple of years that could affect the entire planet,” he added, “is certainly more likely to happen with AI than with climate change.”

However, the devastating side effects of climate change, fires, floods, droughts, severe storms, and astronomical temperatures are already disrupting places and civilizations all over the world. But I understand what you mean. According to Judit’s predictions, artificial intelligence will have devastating effects on human society. According to him, these matters are just around the corner, as A.A futuristic.

harbinger of danger

As for his more specific concerns about the average AI concern, Judet told Bartlett that his near-term concerns include cybercrime tools like deepfakes and massive job losses from automation.

But honestly, these are all minor quibbles compared to some of his more recent claims. at recent days Secret leaders On the show, Judt said that it is “very likely that AI will consider humans ‘scum'” and also claimed that AI could create its own “killing machines”.

The tax will protect everyone!

But for all his misgivings, Cevdet, who is a staunch supporter of government regulation of tech, came up with a proposal. Like any normal person, he was simply taxing them.

“I have a very clear call to governments,” Jawdat said in an interview titled “Diary of a CEO.” “I say taxes AI companies 98 percent until they suddenly do what the open letter was trying to do, slow it down a little bit, and have enough money to pay all the people the technology is going to disrupt.”

Obviously, that’s going to be a lot of tax, but you’ve got to start brainstorming somewhere.

Jawdet’s grim warnings don’t scare you right away. But regardless, it is true that unexpected technology evolves incredibly quickly. So no one, not even the people who built it, knows what is hidden in the depths of the AI ​​technology.

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