According to the DPA, EMMI cannot hide the details of the vaccine purchase in the European Union

According to the DPA, EMMI cannot hide the details of the vaccine purchase in the European Union

A detailed investigation by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH) showed that the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) withheld public interest data – this Stephen Augelli The Socialist MEP announced in his online press conference on Saturday NAIH test result Referring to.

An MSZP politician said he just sent nine questions to the Ministry of Human Resources just a year ago to clarify the circumstances of the EU vaccine purchase and the government’s role in it. The Socialist MEP, in a one-year public inquiry, expected, among other things, an answer from EMMI about who represented the Hungarian government on the EU’s Steering Committee for the Procurement of Joint Vaccines, and whether it had raised any objections in line. with government criticism. , and what information is included in the delivery documents that the government has entered into directly with vaccine manufacturers. Regarding the latter, the politician noted that the Fidesz government has always stated that the delivery of vaccines to Brussels was delayed, although it was these documents that had not been issued that could prove that the government was fully aware of the dates of delivery.

According to Augelli, a detailed investigation by NAIH found that EMMI unjustifiably withheld the requested data and information: it was entirely wrong to claim, for example, that naming a government delegate would “jeopardize the department’s legal process.”

According to the NAIH, the obligation of secrecy was also unjustifiably invoked regarding the disclosure of any objections made by the government delegate, just as they were unable to treat all or part of the transport documents held by the department as trade secrets.

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Ujhelyi has thirty days to appear in court on the basis of the NAIH report, and if EMMI fails to comply with its legal obligations, it will do so.

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