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According to the bar staff, Lacey Gaspar yelled at them unconditionally, and slapped a woman.

According to the bar staff, Lacey Gaspar yelled at them unconditionally, and slapped a woman.

Made around the scandalous Laci Gáspár . scandal video network roamed. According to the singer, the people of the Balaton cabaret made comments about him and his wife, but the opinion of the other side has not yet been heard.

Those who were there that evening had not yet talked about why Laci Gáspár drank water. Now tell me what happened:

“As always, our entertainment venue closed at 4am on Saturday. Mr. Gaspar is not the first to complain about this, but he has arguably handled the situation even worse so far. As usual, we asked guests who were still inside. Laci didn’t even want to go with his wife, and as I remember, when he was sitting at the table with two people, he dropped the order in his ear. The boy at the counter asked him three more times, before he clicked the button and began to teach him what his job was inside the counter and what he thought of himself… His wife kept telling him to go, trying to drag him away. He pushed her twice in a way that we thought would cut herself, so the purple spots on her arm mentioned on the radio are from Lacey herself. Nikki was so angry at him that he screamed; “I’m a daughter of God, you can’t talk to me like that,” said the pub’s spokesperson. for pepper.

The staff was packing the mugs and taking them, they wouldn’t even bother with it because everything was so annoying, but Lacey just kept going, until it got filthy. You can’t hear it in the video, but before the colleague asks about her origin, a “lesbian whore” came out of her mouth… I would like to point out here that we distance ourselves from all kinds of racism. The staff also had to stoop to his level, because he didn’t understand the word nice,” continued the pub’s spokesperson.

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