According to Szijjártó, children should be brought up as Hungarian and Christian from an early age

The Minister of Foreign Affairs distributed education advice in Transylvania: Peter Szijjarto spoke on Tuesday in connection with the development program for kindergartens in Nagyvarad about the need to start raising Hungarian and Christian children from an early age, since

Christianity and Hungarian “always go hand in hand”and “Even in the midst of the storms of history, our Christian faith keeps us Hungarian.” According to Shigarato, this must begin to be taught as early as possible, already in childhood, otherwise the whole thing is a “lost cause”. Regarding the construction and renovation of kindergartens and nurseries in Transylvania, he also said that Christianity is one of the main reasons why Hungarians have been able to survive “in spite of all the historical difficulties”.


In April, elementary school children carried a cross through the streets of Mako to re-enact Jesus’ journey to Calvary

Photo: Facebook/Eva Erzsébet Farkas

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the government spent 32 billion of the HUF 57 billion on the kindergarten program in Transylvania – just to be clear, Antal Rogan’s ministry spent 44 billion last year explaining to people what was wrong with Brussels, in 2019 the same amount was pumped into Government events.So far it has pumped kindergartens and nurseries in Transylvania, and over six years CHF197 billion has been spent on posters, newspaper ads and social media videos attacking Brussels.

(via MTI)

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