According to Steiner, Haas had no choice in Mazepin’s case


Thursday, January 12, 2023, 2:05 PM


The Russian driver had to leave Formula 1 in stormy conditions, but according to Gunther Steiner, this was their only option.

The 2022 season for the Haas team began with unexpected difficulties. During the winter test in Barcelona, ​​the world press was surprised by the news of Russia launching a military attack on Ukraine, which sensitively affected the American team in several ways. At that time, the main sponsor of the team was Uralkali, a Russian company of Dmitri Mazepin, sanctioned by the EU and the UK, and one of the team’s competitors was Nikita Mazepin, the son of the Russian businessman. . The team boss, Gunter Steiner, and the owner of the stable, Gene Haas, decided to part with the main sponsor, and at the same time showed the door to their Russian rival. Steiner sees nothing wrong with the team’s decision even from a general perspective, although the attendant inconveniences have made it very difficult for Haas to prepare for the 2022 season.

“We had no choice after the invasion of Ukraine. Even looking back, I think we did the right thing,” quotes the Italian sporting director as saying. “Although the break-up didn’t have any impact financially, it undoubtedly had a huge impact on the start of the season, as we had to work a lot to be where we wanted to be. But once we got back on track in Bahrain, we were faced with the extent of The speed of life moves. We never dwelled on the past, we just tried to make the best of ourselves. It was a huge challenge, but it also gave us a new opportunity, and that’s all we wanted to focus on.”

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The team’s management announced more than a week before the opening of the 2022 season that their former driver, Kevin Magnussen, would take the place of the expelled Mazepin, who would return to Formula 1 as Mick Schumacher’s teammate. The Danish driver’s season got off to a dream start, finishing fifth in Bahrain, it was waved With the checker flag, and later at Interlagos he also managed to secure the first place in the team’s history.

In recent years, the Steiners have not had much luck in terms of choosing a sponsor, because in addition to Uralkali, Rich Energy also left the team’s partners in stormy circumstances. For the 2023 season, Haas has once again cemented itself with a new name sponsor in the person of MoneyGram, as a result of which the team’s logo also gets a new look. “It’s not just about the finances, it’s about the fact that MoneyGram is a solid company that does 75% of its business on the global stage, despite being an American company.”

“Their participation is also Formula 1 feedback, and they chose us because they see that we are on the right track. With this, I believe our team has become one of the most stable teams, while their choice is also a tribute to our work. In general, there is nothing negative about them, just The positives,” Steiner praised the new team partner.

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