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According to science, you should not go to bed directly in the morning

According to science, you should not go to bed directly in the morning

During the holidays, we have more time to relax, so perhaps, while lying under the cozy warm blanket, we think about the dangerous micro-environment we create around us. It is also worth keeping in mind that Will we continue this year's incorrect routine next year as well?

Who makes his bed…

One of these is related to how we move from rest to the active part of the day. Applying it immediately after waking up locks in the moisture we lose while sleeping Create an ideal environment for dust mites to breed. These microscopic organisms feed on dead, flaking skin and can cause asthma or other allergies. Tom's guide warns.

Do you like to wake up and go to bed early?  It is possible that he is a descendant of Neanderthals

Do you like to wake up and go to bed early? It is possible that he is a descendant of Neanderthals

Inclusion begins the day psychologically, because it indicates that inactivity has ended. However, making the bed shortly after waking up and then covering it with blankets and pillows is one of the least healthy habits you can practice. The reason for this is that the average Within eight hours of sleep Our body loses half a liter of water through our pores. This moisture seeps into your sleepwear, bedding, and even mattresses. In addition to moisture, we also remove dead skin, which a dust mites, Microscopic arthropods that live in upholstered furniture and home textiles Nourishes.

Making the bed in the morning traps moisture lost while sleeping under the covers, as well as dust mites and other bacteria that may have transferred from the skin to the bed. With the inclusion of a Scientific investigations Accordingly, we have practically created a microbial incubator where dust mites can feed and reproduce freely.

Are there dust mites in your bed?

Dust mites are not visible, but there are signs of their presence. Moreover, the human body is the measuring instrument that reveals it. Swollen nasal passages, which may lead to snoring, sneezing, and coughing, as well as itchy eyes and nose It indicates that your bed is dusty or that you are allergic to it, more specifically to the proteins found in their droppings, urine, and decaying bodies. the According to allergists The presence of dust mites can exacerbate existing respiratory problems such as asthma.

The question arises: Is fooling around all day the solution? This is not possible. It's not about leaving the bed covers crumpled while we're out. Place a duvet or folded blanket at the end of the bed. This provides enough ventilation to make the environment inhospitable to moths. Of course, ventilating the duvet with an open window (by lowering the temperature), even (if available), In direct sunlight Significantly improves the effectiveness of defense.

Bed linen should be changed and washed weekly. This not only prevents dust mites, but also kills bacteria hiding in the bedding. It is worth vacuuming the mattress every time before changing the bed linen. For deeper cleaning Steaming the mattress and then drying it in clean air also kills dust mites.

This hypoallergenic mattress protector helps keep your mattress fresh and clean and prevents moisture. A washable mattress protector is easy to keep clean, but a fully zippered mattress protector can be impenetrable to all bedbugs.

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