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According to science, this is what makes a man sexy – colori

According to science, this is what makes a man sexy – colori

What is the Nationality?

Many famous celebrities have worn the crown of attraction, including Harry Hamlin (1987), Brad Pitt (1995 and 2000), Jude Law (2004), Idris Elba (2018), Michael B. Jordan (2020), and Chris Evans (2022). ). This year, People magazine named Patrick Dempsey, the 57-year-old actor, the sexiest man alive.

In a 2012 interview about the selection process, editor Julie Jordan told USA Today that she and the magazine's staff monitor the public's opinion of potential nominees throughout the year, while also asking celebrities for their opinions on the issue.

But where does this “feeling” that someone is hot come from? Experts say there are many factors, and it's not just physical traits. In fact, attractiveness is based on the interplay between the elements that are nature and nurture, so the word “sexy” is a very diverse adjective.

Sexual appeal depends on who the viewer is. Some people are attracted to physical facial features, but the tone, timbre, and intonation of a voice can also make a person attractive. Another person's scent or smell, or even open and confident body language, can make you desirable.

Patrick Dempsey/Image Credit: Franco Aureglia/Contributor/Getty Images

It's not just external factors that matter

There are many other factors, such as cultural aspects, generational trends and preferences, racial differences, and evolutionary factors. When talking about attractiveness, it is important to distinguish between traditionally defined “good looks” and “attractiveness.” The latter term refers to someone who is “sexually suggestive or stimulating and interesting,” meaning that sexuality elicits a physical reaction from the observer. Anyone can look good without necessarily causing a physical reaction in the person.

Experts insist on this: a person's personality and the way he presents himself to the world affects how his fellow human beings perceive his potential attractiveness. You must have met someone who at first glance you thought was average, but when you got to know him you realized that he has a beautiful smile or beautiful eyes. The personality can absolutely change the attraction in a positive or negative direction.

source: HuffPost

Cover image credit: Maria Moratti/Contributor/Getty Images

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