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According to satellite images, a huge wall is being built on the border for the army in Egypt

According to satellite images, a huge wall is being built on the border for the army in Egypt

Egypt is building a fenced protection zone more than three kilometers long on the border with Gaza.

According to footage taken by Maxar Technologies during the past five days, a large area between a public road and the Gaza border was bulldozed by machines. The protection zone extending from the Gaza border to the Mediterranean Sea will completely surround the Rafah border crossing complex, where cranes are currently working to build the wall.

Additional satellite images also show that bulldozers arrived at the site on February 3, the first work began on February 6, and events have accelerated dramatically in the past five days.

The Sinai Foundation for Human Rights, a human rights organization made up of activists, researchers and journalists, also released a video of the construction of the border wall, which they say is five meters high. Two local contractors reportedly told them that the wall was implemented by order of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Rafah border crossing

The already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza may worsen, and Egypt fears that large numbers of Palestinians will want to cross the border. According to some reports, there will be a refugee camp between the walls being built on the border, but Egyptian officials denied this. Now, however, all eyes are on Rafah along the new defense zone, where one and a half million Palestinians currently live crammed into a huge tent city, and where Israel is planning an attack.

(source: CNNPhotos: Getty Images)

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