According to Putin, the United States is interfering in the upcoming Russian elections

He said there was documented evidence that the United States would interfere in the Russian elections by supporting a “smart vote” for Navalny. Maria Zaharova Russian Foreign Affairs spokesman Solovyov told YouTube Live this weekend.

According to Zaharova, large US IT companies support Alexei Navalny A project called “Smart Voting” was developed by a team of opposition politicians to support those candidates in the elections who are likely to compete against the candidate of the ruling United Russia party in their region. Friday John Sullivan US Ambassador to the State Department in Moscow, where Sergey Ryabkov The deputy head of the ministry welcomed and described the interference in Russia’s internal affairs as “absolutely unacceptable”.

We have presented concrete facts to the US side that show that from US territory, through Internet platforms owned and operated by US Internet monopolies, they are clearly interfering with our internal processes – political processes, electoral processes and elections – and they are documented

Zharova said on the Solovyov Live YouTube channel.

The Russian spokesman said the case had not been commented on by the United States. Zaharova noted that in recent weeks Russia’s media and communications watchdog (Roskomnadzor) has called on US online companies to remove sites and products that support “smart voting” and have blocked their availability in Russia.

Russian voters September 17-19. Vote on the new composition of the House of Representatives in the Federal Parliament. Meanwhile, the leaders of nine regions will be directly elected and three indirectly, and the fate of the mandates of the 39 regional legislatures will be decided.

According to forecasts released by the state polling institute VCIOM on Thursday, United Russia could expect 42 percent of the vote, Communists 19, Liberal Democrats 11, and only Russia – Patriots – Four Truth could get 8 percent. You can also exceed the 5 percent entry threshold with a new party called New People. The turnout will be 48-51 percent, according to VCIOM.

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