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According to Péter Oszkó, we should work instead of local oral karate

According to Péter Oszkó, we should work instead of local oral karate

In a video interview with and Privátbankár, Péter Oszkó spoke about Budapest and the startup world. He indicated that he did not want to take a position on current political issues, but since he had had the same opinion for 15 years, he had said so. According to him, the problem is that capital has a definite relationship with entrepreneurs, through business tax, which is inconvenient for business.

Peter Osco also spoke about the fact that a decade ago, after the 2008 crisis, he had to take over as finance minister. Similar to the current crisis, local governments were severely disenfranchised, saving 120 billion HUF in the local government sector in the budget they subscribed to.

According to him, the municipalities protested even then, as they do now. At the same time, he thinks the complaints are understandable, but in addition to the verbal karate, it will be important to move forward with the tasks as well. In the news about local governments, we see nothing but blame each other, but according to him, after a while, the work done will certainly also be a consideration.

When asked if Budapest could still be called a startup capital, the expert replied that this had not been true before as it was no better than any other business center in Eastern Europe. It may be true now if the business community continues to embrace the innovative companies and developments that represent this trend. On the state side, there was money dumping in the direction of startups and innovation a few years ago, and this sector is strongly supported by public funding, and is being pampered in particular. However, this does not focus on Budapest, and in many cases companies in the central Hungary region are excluded from the available resources. According to Péter Oszkó, this type of activity is completely imperceptible in Budapest itself. Hence, if there was a strength and intention in the business world to make Budapest a startup capital, it might not be the case.

The full interview is available on – Peter Osco: I have an inferiority feeling because of the leadership of Budapest

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