According to one report, The Last of Us is being tackled, but Days Gone 2 is in trouble

According to one report, The Last of Us is being tackled, but Days Gone 2 is in trouble

Once again Jason Schreyer, Bloomberg journalist, hit Sony, this time. A fact-finding report was published today In the article (It is paid, but US IGN Summarization Point) Schreier, citing eight unnamed individuals, wrote that the turmoil among the PlayStation development teams is that Sony is “obsessed” chasing massive hits. That is, because smaller studios drink juice from it.

The article tells the story of Visual Arts Services Group, a team tasked with helping Sony’s larger studios get to work. The team’s founder, Michael Mumbauer, wanted to be able to finally develop their own games, so he gathered 30 developers with whom he first wanted to tackle the first part of Uncharted. They believed that if they could prove it, they would be able to work on their own projects later on. Finally, I prefer The Last of Us treatment They were standing Codename T1X because it’s a more modern game so it didn’t have much to work with.

But Hermann Holst, the president of PlayStation Studios, who previously led Guerilla Games, initially found this treatment to be too expensive. Team Mumbauer was redirected to assist The Last of Us Part 2 (which had declined over time until 2020), and when the game was completed, dozens of Naughty Dog developers were put into T1X. Thus, the project practically went to the original developer, and Mombauer and his people were once again forced into a supporting role. Sony reportedly never recognized the group’s existence (and it did not have a name), which led to Mumbauer and others leaving the company.

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As for Sony Bend, the team has tried to accept the draft to continue after Days Gone is completed in 2019, but this is said to have been done by Sony. Refusal. Precisely because although the first part became profitable, it took a long time to complete, and its critical reception was vague. Then, one of Bend’s teams is tasked with helping Naughty Dog create a multiplayer game (this can already be heard in job offers) and another with the development of the new Uncharted episode, which is also overseen by Naughty Dog. It was then that some of Bend’s men (including board members) began to fear that they would melt into Naughty Dog, leaving a few in the studio there as well. Ultimately, Bend bosses asked Sony to take them down on UnchartedAbout the projectThat happened in the previous month. Bend is now working on a game of his own, but it is not known if it will be Days Gone 2 or anything else.

Sony’s indoor studios have also been discussed recently about downsizing the Japan studio. This is said to have been done because the company is not primarily considering domestic but global successes.

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