According to one expert, by 2030, almost everyone will be living in the metaverse

According to one expert, by 2030, almost everyone will be living in the metaverse

According to the Future Today Institute, by 2030, much of humanity will live their lives in a new form of the digital world, the metaverse.

More and more experts believe that global virtual reality is already knocking on the door here, and we are just one step away from having hundreds of millions or even billions of people working, doing business and having fun on digital platforms called the metaverse. While we already live a part of our lives in the digital world, the real innovation of the metaverse is to provide users with a place as a cohesive social space where they can live together as a kind of charged version of social media.

The world’s great tech giants are each other exaggeration They are trying to rise to the wave of trends sweeping the world to be the first to create a platform that truly attracts people and at the same time connects them with each other. And a reality that fits a grim reality isn’t far off, Melanie Sobin of the Future Today Institute for Future Research New York Postgive to in his interview Talk about the calculations that a large percentage of people will already be living in the metaverse region by 2030. He says that some will only use it for work, but there will be many who will be fully integrated with digital reality.

The concept of the metaverse is Neil Stevenson snow crash It was developed in its ’90s sci-fi novel, but the concept wasn’t really known until the past few months after Facebook (now known as Meta Platforms) announced it was chopping its ax at building its own digital world. Most people mixed mixed with the announcement of the Meta, and it is no coincidence that the technology compatible with science fiction raises a number of social and ethical issues that no large company has yet been able to provide a responsible and reassuring answer.

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