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According to official data, 1,301 people lost their lives while performing the Hajj in Mecca

According to official data, 1,301 people lost their lives while performing the Hajj in Mecca

However, Saudi authorities described the Hajj as a success.

The Saudi authorities announced, on Sunday, that during the Hajj pilgrimage this year in Mecca 1301 Jamara They died from the extreme heat, and most were not registered for the event. Fahd Al-Jalj The Minister of Health said that the high number of deaths was caused by “pilgrims walking long distances under the blazing sun without proper shelter and rest.” Among the victims were many elderly people and people with chronic diseases. The minister said, according to a report presented by the Saudi Press Agency, that 83 percent of the deceased had not registered to perform the Hajj with the Saudi authorities in advance.

According to Fahd Al-Jalaj, the Hajj was “successful,” as more than 465,000 medical facilities were established for pilgrims, including 141,000 for those who arrived without official registration.

For days, only estimates have emerged about how many people may have died due to the heat during this year's Hajj season between June 14 and 19. On Friday, a senior Saudi official issued only a partial tally: He said 577 people died on the Hajj's two busiest days, last Saturday, when the faithful prayed under the blazing sun on Mount Arafat, and Sunday, when they symbolically “stoned Satan” at Mina. . According to the official, Saudi Arabia did not make a mistake in performing the Hajj, but “people who did not properly assess the risks” made a mistake.

The Hajj, the Hajj, is the fifth pillar of Islam, and every faithful Muslim must perform it at least once in his life. Hajj events are repeated this year at temperatures reaching about 50 degrees Celsius.

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More than 1.8 million pilgrims visited Mecca last year, about 90 percent of whom came from abroad. Many people wait years to access Hajj because permits are always issued by the Kingdom's leadership based on quotas for each country.

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