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According to new research, the minerals in some meteorites may come from “abandoned” extraterrestrial technology

According to new research, the minerals in some meteorites may come from “abandoned” extraterrestrial technology

Hydite and presenite are two man-made minerals that were later identified in meteorites to the surprise of scientists. According to a new study, producing these materials requires such a complex industrial process that there is a serious possibility that they could be considered technological fingerprints of an alien civilization.

to the ArXiv . server Study uploaded on September 13th behind (the whole article It can be read here) consists of a research group led by Pierre Embiid, a scientist from the Central University of Venezuela. Mr Ambed hints that there may be a strange, abandoned technology in the solar system through which some very complex minerals have reached Earth in the form of meteorites.

The argument is as follows: in the last century, American scientists allegedly artificially made two minerals – they are called Heideite and Brezinaite. As the current study states: These synthetic sulphides do not form naturally on the planet, yet they have been discovered in many meteorites after they were synthesized. Sulfide with the chemical symbol FeTi2S4 was synthesized in 1968 and found as a mineral in the Bustee meteorite in 1974 (later named Heideite), but the same substance was later also discovered in the Kaidun meteorite in 1995. The basic composition of the material bearing was produced The chemical symbol Cr3S4 was artificially created in 1957, then it was found in a Tucson meteorite in 1969 – then called the Brezinaite metal. The study also indicates that the structural, magnetic, and structural properties of these meteorite minerals make them a promising candidate for creating iron-based superconductors.

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Perhaps most important, however, is the discovery that these materials can only be created through highly controlled, sophisticated production processes—whether these processes exist in nature at all is highly questionable. For this reason, as stated in the study:

“So it’s important to be open-minded, even provocative, when thinking about the question: Could these meteorites be fingerprints of extraterrestrial technology?”

The study also confirms that in this particular case we can talk about a technological footprint that exists on Earth. The researchers then discuss what the term technological footprint means: in short, any sign of an alien civilization. There can be several types of technological fingerprints, nowadays more and more of them are being sought, and it is clear that the most valuable of them will be some kind of physical evidence – this last aspect makes the proposal made in the study particularly interesting. According to this, the minerals in question belong to the group of artificial bodies found in the Solar System as technological imprints, and, according to the researchers’ assumption, they “probably” belong to the “abandoned technology” subgroup. In other words, there is a good chance that these minerals came from an artificial body in the solar system that was left behind for some reason.

According to the researchers, in the next step, experts from many sciences (physicists and planetary scientists) should continue the research, and preferably also examine the original meteorites. The material may be interesting on its way to creating a potential superconductor, but it wouldn’t hurt to clarify where it came from.

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Photo: Pixabay /TheDigitalArtist

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