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According to movie theaters, Disney owes itself to the collapse of Black Widow

According to movie theaters, Disney owes itself to the collapse of Black Widow

They think we should finally forget about the internet cinema premiere.

a Black Widow It started with record revenue of $80 million in North America, but it shrunk surprisingly in its second weekend. Space Jam: A New Beginning behind. Marvel’s newest superhero movie saw a 67 percent drop in viewership, which is a pretty big break for a blockbuster movie of this size — especially when it was received positively by critics and audiences (81 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.9 on Imdb). Available).

But if it’s not the quality of the movie, what might be behind it?

For American cinemas You have a definite answer To the question of who is wrong: Disney itself, and more precisely (they think) the mysterious decision to show the film on the streaming service provider Disney + at the same time as the cinema premiere. Disney was still proud to announce at the weekend premiere that it received $60 million in additional revenue from that online premiere, but that amount was no longer up to date in the second weekend.

According to the North American Cinematographic Association, this case has also made it clear that multi-month cinema exclusivity is more profitable for all stakeholders, and they hope that online premieres and cinema tested by many studios during the pandemic will disappear together. Epidemic.

You can read our review of the film here:

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