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According to Megaphone, it's easy to steal in California, but their evidence disproves it

According to Megaphone, it's easy to steal in California, but their evidence disproves it

Zelveszter Zarvas, editor-in-chief of Megafon Központ magazine and influencer of Patrióta magazine in the video He explained that in the United States, specifically in the more liberal Democratic-led state of California, anyone can steal anything up to $950, because according to local laws, there are no consequences for shoplifting up to that point, and the police do not leave the house. And the security guards just watch with folded hands as your man walks out of the store with phones in his pocket.

Among the racist and anti-American commentators, there was one person who was so shocked by the news that he asked Zarvas to provide some evidence for what he said. He claims in the video. Fortunately, the editor-in-chief himself or someone from the channel read the comments and sent a link to which he added this comment:

He added: “The decree was adopted a long time ago (…) and has now entered into force. In any case, YouTube and Google – the evidence is there. :D”

He cites a reliable news source, the Associated Press, which is an encouraging sign. The only problem is that This is a fact-checking article Point about the fact that previously accepted Proposition 47 did not result in the police ignoring the $950 theft. The title in large white letters on a black background (in English) is just that

“Prop 47 did not eliminate penalties for theft under $950 in California.”

In this 2021 article, it was made clear that the proposal was not about decriminalizing the theft of relatively small value, but about the fact that rather than a crime, it is merely considered a breach of the law, which carries a different penalty. The proposal passed in 2014 actually raised the cap from $400 to adjust for inflation and living standards.

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The purpose of the amendment was to reduce the burden on California prisons with lighter penalties, but according to experts, in fact, no significant changes have been made with its adoption, as the police continue to deal with thefts worth less than $950, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the majority Shoplifting still happens today, with a value of less than $400, so most shoplifting is subject to exactly the same penalties as, for example, under Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration until 2011.

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