According to Mancini, mg is not always the Italian football blogger in the European leagues

Roberto Mancini, captain of Italy’s second national team in eighth place in the European Football Championship, described Wednesday’s win as fully deserved.

“The Swiss team is strong, we are in a difficult situation from now on. 16 kt.

Manuel Locatelli succeeded in the 26th and 52nd minutes, with Cerro Immobile finishing in the 89th minute.

The manager emphasized that his team performed well and wanted to win everything.

“It was not easy to win the second game that day, they succeeded in the opening on Friday as well, starting the tournament 3-0,” he said.

Mancini also mentioned team captain, Giorgio Quillinerle, who had to be replaced due to the first slip in the middle.

“Let’s hope there won’t be a serious problem,” he said.

The Fed captain emphasized that every game must be won, but did not go into detail on what to count on in the third set match against the Welshman.

According to Mancini, mg is not always the Italian football blogger in the European leaguesForce: Getty Images / Claudio Villa

He talked about it in the official press conference, fortunately he has great players who love to play football, they enjoy the game, but in the meantime they also take risks, which is the essence of football.

The Italian melee was undefeated, winning a series of fires and not watching, but according to Mancini, the French, Portuguese and Belgian teams always counted as likely.

“One is the world champion, the other is the European champion, and the third is the ln ll world leader,” he explained.

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“These teams have been forming for some time and it is normal that they will come before us, but of course anything can happen.”

Vladimir Petkovic, the Swiss leader, said that the Italians caused them a lot of trouble, and they did not know how to play.

“We weren’t quite on the beach, which is not unusual for us at all,” he said.

The Swiss, who has one point without a point, plays in the first group stage on Sunday in Baku.

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