According to László Cziczás, a world-famous act was committed

At the inaugural Basketball World Championships in Hungary, the women’s national under-19 team closed in third in Debrecen, achieving a historic success. We asked Federal Captain, Laszlo Chexa, about my sensational bronze medal.

The Hungarian national basketball team brilliantly participated in the Hungarian World Championship for girls under 19 years, which ended on Sunday, where László Cziczás His team – by defeating Mali on the field – finished the fight as the bronze medalist behind the USA and Australia. The captain expressed our interest in this dreamlike tournament.


“When we beat the Italians to get to the top eight, we carried a huge burden on our shoulders as we put a goal in the quarter-finals in advance. This in itself could have been considered a great achievement if we had stopped there. After that, the team was able to play freely without any pressure, That achieved two more victories. Winning a bronze medal is a huge sporting achievement for the girls, as well as a huge success for the local basketball.” Chixa told Youth Sports.

The historical success of the national team for girls under 19 years of age achieved a bronze medal in the Hungarian World Cup • Source: FIBA.Basketball

The girls beat the Taiwanese and the Argentines very smoothly in the group, but they failed to meet the Russians, so they advanced to second place.

“At the beginning of vébé, we didn’t really think we could have anything to win, but as time went on, we became more and more aware that – unlike previous tournaments – we could be a serious factor this time around. Fortunately, that recognition and the resulting opportunity were not oppressed. Girls, but they solved the task perfectly. ”

Among the top 16 were the Italians, who – Rica Dombai Under their control – they overtook and then waited for the Czechs in the quarter-finals. Another hot meeting ended and another galactic success, this time Boros Julia He proved to be a victorious man.

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“The Hungarian public created a very good atmosphere, and the Hungarian track was a serious advantage. The people of Debrecen proved to be great hosts, the local organizers followed all our wishes, and their help contributed to this result.”

Under the leadership of László Cziczás, the daughter team has done world-famous work Source: FIBA.

László Cziczás, led by László, has performed world-class work • Source: FIBA.Basketball

The US team could come to the semi-finals, the paper format prevailed there, and the big opportunity abroad reached the finals. On the final day, the host team clashed with the Mali team, and they won 88-67 on the podium, to win Hungary’s first medal in the history of the World Cup.

“If someone had told me on the fifth of July, when we began to prepare, that standing at the age of five to eighteen and two to seventeen, we would play the penultimate match of the World Cup, which we would end up with as a bronze, I would certainly smile. The captain remembers his past feelings. “This team unity is so rare, the ability to fight for each other, and mutual respect have been the key to success. All kinds of companies without envy came together. Thanks to this and the quality of our professional work, we ended up in third place, and as a small basketball nation like ours, We’ve undoubtedly done a world-class job.”

After the finals, individual awards were awarded and Júlia Boros was placed in the top five in the tournament. who averaged 15 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game in the event.

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