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According to Judit Hernadi, the fact that she has had so many jobs at her age is unique

According to Judit Hernadi, the fact that she has had so many jobs at her age is unique

The actress turns 68 this year, but she has no plans to retire yet.

Judit Hernadi To the surprise Grant In the cover interview he said, among other things, that there was a play in which he had been acting for ten years.

It may sound like complaining or bragging, but what I play at lasts a long time. I don't really eat new pieces, max one or two a year, but it builds up over the years

When the curtain goes up, it disappears,” said the actress, who also talked about how tired I might feel before a show. “When a person steps in front of an audience, he enters an altered state of consciousness, focuses on the role and leaves everything else out. It keeps me going. It makes me excited to do it,” he said.

When I go out on stage, I feel very good, and sometimes there are moments when I feel particularly good, but in general I don't feel bad, which makes me very happy. Then when I feel bad, I'll stop, but that's still a long way off. It's a rare thing in a person's life when they're over 68 and working at this level, and it's arguably quite unique.

“I'm grateful for situations like this and I should be grateful. Life is designed in such a way that there's never a time when you can say everything is okay, and often nothing is okay,” he added.

The important turning point in his career was when he sang a song Never say never! Hit, and when Seventh weeklyFeatured in

These are the moments that made me famous, because no one from the stage would be there. At this point, we've reached a point where everyone knows my name, but that's limited. Someone's popularity can disappear in an instant, but that's okay. I'm happy for him and happy for him that it is the way it is now, but I don't see it as a goal

Judit Hernadi revealed.

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