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According to Hungarian hater Vera Jourová, Hungary would be a worse place without the union

According to Hungarian hater Vera Jourová, Hungary would be a worse place without the union

We will strengthen our efforts to protect the electoral system so that voters cannot be influenced in their decision. We must guarantee citizens an independent decision, free from any kind of overt or covert manipulation

– said Vera Jourova a hundred days before the European elections.

Vera Jourova, Vice President of the European Commission in Brussels (Photo: Dursun Aydemir)

Referring to surveys, the Czech member of the European Commission highlighted that, depending on the Member State, the proportion of the EU population that consistently believes in anti-EU and anti-democratic rhetoric is estimated at between 5 and 23 percent. books Free Europe.

“We want to make sure that the percentage of people falling into the trap of misinformation does not increase, because if it continues to increase, it could have serious consequences,” he noted.

Vera Jourová put it this way regarding so-called deepfake content:

Stop rolling out the red carpet for Putin and his story.

Digital service providers were also reminded of their responsibility regarding the transmission of fake videos and images generated by artificial intelligence. According to Jourova, a new narrative has recently spread like wildfire in Europe, indicating that the European and national elections will be manipulated and rigged. He reminded her that it was the same narrative that Donald Trump spread before and after the last presidential election.

com. deepfake
Deepfake (Image: FotografieLink)

Some parties in Europe claim that the elections will not be fair. “This undermines confidence in democracy, which is why I consider it so dangerous.”

Before the European Parliament elections in June, the Vice-President of the Commission will embark on a European tour covering almost every country in order to bring the powers of the Member States responsible for the integrity and conduct of elections, security and the digital space to the table with representatives. One of the leading online service providers. The Czech Commissioner drew attention to the measurements of the Globsek Institute, which highlighted “unprecedented” Russian information manipulation activities of unprecedented intensity.

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