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According to his former advisor, Trump does not have enough brains to be a dictator

According to his former advisor, Trump does not have enough brains to be a dictator

John Bolton doesn't think well of his former boss.

He gave an interview to Le Figaro newspaper John Boltonwhich was between April 2018 and September 2019 Donald Trump Presidential advisor. According to Bolton, Trump, although he admires authoritarian leaders, does not have the brains needed to build and run a dictatorship.

We're talking about a real estate developer, for God's sake!

Bolton, 75, exploded when asked if Trump might try to follow in the footsteps of the dictators he praised. According to him, Trump lacks a coherent political philosophy and the ability to focus, which is vital for effective dictators. Based on his statement, the former president is not even interested in making political decisions and analyzing the consequences in the usual way among leaders.

Everything is episodic, anecdotal, transactional. And it all revolves around the question of how all of this benefits Donald Trump.

Considered a Republican “shell” for his aggressive foreign policy views, Bolton was not the first to criticize his former boss. He also wrote in his 2020 memoir of his time in the White House that Trump was only interested in punishing his enemies and fighting him. Able to curry favor with US adversaries such as Russia.

Trump is unfit for the presidency. If his first term as president was bad, his second term will be worse

He wrote afterwards.

Run for president again Joe Biden At the same time, he is building his campaign on the fact that Trump is a danger to democracy, which he only repeatedly supports with statements such as that he wants to become a dictator for a day and that there will be a bloodbath in America if he does. He does not win the presidential election.

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