According to his colleagues, Joe Biden is slow to decide, fiery and impatientفاد

According to his colleagues, Joe Biden is slow to decide, fiery and impatientفاد

The US president is prone to outbursts of anger with his staff.

The liberal New York Times interviewed the former US president and current colleague, writes. Based on this, the page gives an overview of it How Biden functions as president, how he negotiates, and who he seeks advice from since holding the position he has fought for for more than three decades. From the photo emerges the image of a politician who is by no means the “direct man” as the press and the outside world see it. He suddenly became angry, prone to tantrums from his co-workers.

Quick decision-making is not Mr. Biden’s style

– says the liberal newspaper.

Slow and attention to detail

As an example, the newspaper cited a decision regarding the alleged Russian response to a cyberattack by the US government. In late March, Biden told his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan: “I have to move relatively quickly.” According to the article, despite the fact that Biden spent the first two months of his presidency deciding on the reaction to the Russian steps, the president held more and more meetings in March before making a decision, writes. “He has a kind of mantra: you can never give me too many details” – President Sullivan told the New York Times. According to the article, the president has been conducting in-depth negotiations for hours with political experts before reaching any conclusions.

Insults and frustration

White House staff “Socrates’ Journey” Biden tends to get angry if he doesn’t get his questions answered afterwards “His frustration makes him angry and is often accompanied by insults” According to paper A “Flammable” It can take days or weeks for the president to make a decision on something. Employees interviewed cite the example of a case in which Biden repeatedly delayed his decision on how many illegal immigrants to accept in the United States. However He angered his allies and opponents.

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According to the New York Times, this is the kind of judgment style “It could go against the urgency of a country fighting the pandemic and economic recovery.” Hirado emphasized, referring to an advisor close to the president: Biden is unwilling or unable to get past his habits. According to the article, the president’s deliberations are often lengthy and he often calls his advisers by phone at night. Referring to his immediate colleagues, he wrote of Biden that it was his habit to abruptly interrupt these conversations.

Turns off the phone if he feels someone is wasting his time

The staff said.

Hirado wrote: According to the liberal newspaper, the president’s staff has now learned his habits and set his schedule full of 15-minute breaks because they know he won’t finish his trial in time. The New York Times even provides readers with some information that analysts say is irrelevant: for example, the president’s staff “Don’t serve leafy greens at events because Biden doesn’t want photos of him showing leftover greens between his teeth.”

Photo: MTI/AP/Evan Vucci

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