According to HCLU, TV2 / Fidesz video is illegal

According to HCLU, TV2 / Fidesz video is illegal

They were punished four years ago, so the current case is more serious than that, they wrote.

Liberties Association (HCLU) Facebook page He filed an objection against TV2 because he was a host Also in 2022 Victor Urban They are fighting for. This happened four years ago, when the National Elections Commission imposed a fine of 3,450,000 HUF.

According to the HCLU, TV2 employees’ campaign violates the equal opportunity for candidates required by the Elections Act, and according to the Media Act, journalists cannot speak out about their political views because it is important to separate facts/opinions in news programmes.

Human rights advocates say the election commission should take into account that TV2 employees were already campaigning this time around to find out that they were abusive.

It is hard to imagine that the channel and the ruling party will no longer remember that such activity is prohibited. Apparently, both the client and the channel had to calculate the probability that the NVB would prove the violation and impose a fine, but this risk was already included in the cost of materials and was found to be worth it.

According to the HCLU, in addition to re-establishing the breach, the NVB must find a way to ensure that its decisions are respected by everyone and that the ruling party is no exception.

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