According to Hakkinen, the Mercedes World Cup title is already gone


Friday, April 29, 2022, 12:14 pm


Previous McLaren classics paid tribute to Lando Norris and Valtteri Bottas, talked Charles Leclerc and made it clear that it could be a complex problem with a Mercedes.

As usual, two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen also commented on the weekend’s F1 events, praising Lando Norris and speaking publicly about Charles Leclerc’s mistake, but also commenting on Mercedes’ situation.

“You have to be very careful on the drying track, because if you get too rough the car will punish you instantly. Charles admitted he was pushing and knew he wanted to put pressure on Checo, but he was very lucky that he was able to get out of the box, otherwise he might fall easily. No. He still has a huge advantage in the championship, but this mistake reminds us that you can’t win every race, and sometimes winning second or third place is the best strategy,” the Finnish extender wrote.

“Lando Norris is still great in the McLaren team and even though he needed Charles’ mistake on the podium he still looked very strong in fourth and was very competitive. Valtteri (Bottas) was also impressive, and seems confident in the car. And he already scored more points than the team combined in 2020 and 2021,” he added, eventually moving to Mercedes.

“Obviously they have a complicated problem with the car and it is unreasonable to say that, but it seems that they can give up the world title. It is clear that the car does not work in many areas. They understand the main problems, but time is running out and that is the problem of Formula 1: The race isn’t waiting for you, the races are just coming up and there’s little time to solve serious problems, it’s hard to believe none of their cars were in the third quarter and the fact that Lewis Hamilton’s ride from Max Verstappen shows how tough the times are.”

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