According to Great Adam, reaching Pisa is now a realistic goal

According to Great Adam, reaching Pisa is now a realistic goal

According to Odam Nagy, a football player for the Hungarian national team of Pisa, it was a realistic goal for his team to lead the second division, although there was a major structural change at the club’s head in the summer, so the leaders did not even think about changing classes.

Ádám Nagy feels that a club change has come for him (Photo: Attila Török, Archive)

The 26-year-old midfielder, Big Adam He told M4 Sport he had trouble deciding to change clubs over the summer, but is happy to step in, as well as choosing Pisa as his next stop after Bristol City.

“My integration has been greatly facilitated by the fact that I have been in Italy for three years before and am fluent in the language. He also knows that results are coming all the time, we win matches one by one and get three points.” He said.

The midfielder said they had agreed during consultation with the sports director of Pisa that they would only have to take an active part in the race for first-class membership in just two to three years.

“Compared to that, we’re doing well now and if promoted immediately at the end of year one it’s not a plus. There’s three laps left until mid-season, and then the rebounds will come, and we’re standing now, getting up can be quite a realistic goal for us. for us “. – Tell. He added that although they were derailed, lost points and suffered an unexpected defeat, their direct competitors fighting with them for supremacy and promotion were able to defeat them.

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“That was the victory over Brescia, for example, but we have such an important meeting before Lecce on Saturday.” He said.

He remembers the Hungarian national team’s performance in the World Championship qualifiers in the fall in a “bittersweet” way, in which the squad did not leave the Poles in the group qualifiers, beating them away from home in addition to a Hungarian draw. . Meanwhile, in two similar “external suffering” matches against Albanians, the national team twice performed in a similar fashion, which was “sad and outrageous,” he said, “bad to remember,” he said.

“These are matches to bring, and even if they are not combined, there is still a boring and invisible spectacle because we were boring at the time. But it certainly is not fitting for us to take care of us twice with zero.” He said.


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