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According to Giorgi Bognar, it was important for DVTK to play one more game, and Kuznetsov is not satisfied with the four-point start

According to Giorgi Bognar, it was important for DVTK to play one more game, and Kuznetsov is not satisfied with the four-point start

Diósgyőr got off to a great start, and then the Bucks also woke up – both teams finished 1-1 in the third round of the OTP Bank League. After the meeting, the two head coaches – Zerge Kuznikov and György Bognar – as well as Daniel Lukács and Norbert Koneves gave an assessment to M4 Sport correspondent Robert Bobak.

Ratings after DVTK Championship – Paks

“We started very well, scored a goal, but inexplicably, we fell behind after the goal. We should have scored more goals, and we have to analyze exactly what happened. We constantly made bad decisions, tried to fix them in the first half, and came out better in the first half.” “The second half. Despite the draw, I think we were closer to winning in the second half.” – He made the evaluation Sergey KuznetsovWho asks footballers to play more patiently in the future, and with the current lack of success, he is not satisfied with DVTK’s indicators so far.

Pointing out that they have won NB II matches several times with the help of the fans, the head coach expressed his hope that this will become a tradition in the I-League as well over time.

“I think it was a fair draw, in the first twenty minutes the home team played better, and it was definitely important that they actually played another champion. Then we dominated, we won a lot of balls in the penalty area, but we couldn’t do anything with it. We have a team.” “He plays, but the quality of the balls we win is not there yet.” – like this György Bognar From the Bucks side.

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According to the coach, both teams still have one more goal.

He added: “I had one goal. I was able to pass the goalkeeper one-on-one, but I kept my head up and we continued.” He said Daniel LukacsWho beat Zabanos with a wonderful shot at the start of the second half. – However, we played much better than in the first match, and I think we will get better and better. We did everything we could to win, and we got a chance in the end. We have a feeling of absence, but at the same time four points are acceptable as an emerging team. “The fans give us a lot of help, they push us, and we are happy with our good relationship.”

“We came for points, and unfortunately it turned out to be one. We entered the game in the 20th minute, and we could have scored goals after that. A fair draw. After the red card, I was rooting for others to go through.” – Tell Norbert Koenigs, who had just returned to PAX from Miskolc, found his way to his former team. The striker said that although he plays football for the “Hungarian national team” full of snipers, he does not care about the top scorer title, he wants to help his club in every match.

the summary of the match :

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