According to gamers, Vice City is the most boring city, and they could leave it out of GTA 6

According to gamers, Vice City is the most boring city, and they could leave it out of GTA 6

One player is hoping that the rumors that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City are just ducks, because according to his argument, the city is so boring that it has to take place in a completely new location.

It is still not known exactly when we can expect the release of the long-awaited GTA 6, but it may still be a good 2-3 years until its debut. Moreover, we only know this from there Suggest the leaked GTAThey plan to release it in a few years.

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The metro One of its readers, who is also a big fan of the GTA series, shared what he thinks about GTA 6, especially its purported location, Vice City. He first notes that while GTA: Vice City is a favorite game of many, he claims that it is based on two things: nostalgia and music.

The music that evokes the 80s is divine, so if for no other reason, it’s really worth choosing Vice City for the music, because at that time it was already considered a big word to listen to the music of Phil Collins and Jan Hammer, especially since open world games were still New at the time – and the idea of ​​being able to go anywhere and do anything made players feel really special.

However, at the time, the reader felt that the city was less interesting than, say, Liberty City, or anywhere in San Andreas. Maybe it’s because the real Miami is flatter and obviously built on a grid block system, like most American cities, but the implementation in the game feels contrived for some reason.

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He hopes they don’t bring him back in GTA 6, though Rockstar knows exactly what it is: Vice City is a catchy name in itself, it’s hugely popular, and that’s why it might actually be brought back.

The reader pointed out that it is worth considering that if it was announced that GTA 6 will not be set in the 80s, but in the present day, then it is not certain that everyone will like it, and for good reason. Thus, he hopes that it will not be a copy of the Miami Vice scenes, but rather a new, unique version based on a different gameplay.

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