According to Fidesz, it's okay to display the LGBTQP flag on public buildings - Szent Korona Rádió

According to Fidesz, it’s okay to display the LGBTQP flag on public buildings – Szent Korona Rádió

Public buildings are the symbols of the Hungarian state, the homes of its institutions, so left liberals like to provoke by hanging a rainbow rag on these buildings. This could have been stopped now, but it hasn’t.

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Gergeli Karaksoni, the mayor of Budapest, has used the opportunity to provoke every year since his election. In 2021, for example, the LGBTQP flag was planted next to the Sekele flag “Long live diversity!” shout:

Because of such and similar cases, Előd Novák (MHM) made his proposal, which would have prohibited the display of deviant kinematics in public buildings. The House Justice Committee debated that Tuesday. The proposal ultimately failed in committee, the majority voted against it or abstained, so it would not become law. All this happened despite the fact that 75% of the OIB is made up of state parties that “championship defense” of our country against the LGBTQP lobby, it seems that this fight is not taken seriously …

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(Radio Szent Korona follows Mandiner)

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