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According to Fat, it’s a shame that Gyurcsány is still here

According to Fat, it’s a shame that Gyurcsány is still here

Tragic events can also be remembered in the spirit of celebration, if their moral content serves the prosperity of future generations, said Laszlo Kofer in an interview published in Magyar Nemzet on Friday, marking the anniversary of the 1956 revolution. The Speaker of the National Assembly stressed that the regime change in 1989-1990 was also due to The heroism of those who participated in the revolution, even sacrificed their lives.

The politician described it as a disgrace to the entire opposition that Ferenc Gyurcsany is still the left-wing leader. “The presence of Ferenc Gyurcsany in politics is a disgrace to the entire Hungarian opposition, especially the Socialists, who should have expelled the former prime minister not only because he destroyed the country, but also because he destroyed his political community,” he said. .

With regard to 1956, Laszlo Koffier sees that we have now reached a turning point. Only a few of us survived who witnessed the revolution, but our generation, even speaking to their parents, heard about historical events in a way that conveyed what they said as first-hand experienced history became our personal experience. Of our children, he explained, only the lucky exceptions had heard from their grandparents about the events of the year 56, and those younger of them had not been given that opportunity. He added that it was not reformulated in the sense that 1956 could have become an experience of mass liberation, noting that on October 23, 1956, events began peacefully.

We were also proud in 1990 that the transformation took place without bloodshed, said Laszlo Coffer. “Not a single slap was fired, although I see now that there has been a demand for some. It may not always be a good idea for people to deal with their disputes in peace and calm,” said the Speaker.

According to the politician, the mentality of peaceful tolerance also has its flaws. He believed that Ferenc Gyurcsany’s presence in politics would also be a disgrace to the Hungarian judiciary. “Even Tibor Százani said Ferenc Gyurcsany would have either got Star Prison or Lipotmizu the right place,” he said, saying that Ferenc Gyurcány had plotted to overthrow Hungarian democracy in 2006, ahead of parliamentary elections.

The fact that this is not just fanciful magic, including evidence that Ferenc Gyurcsany is doing the same today, threatens his political opponents and everyone behind the current government with landlords and imprisonment. He says that by bypassing the constitutional rules, he will change the constitutional order of our country. In any case, he added, the latter should, in my opinion, attract at least the attention of the judiciary. He described the disgrace of the whole of Hungarian democracy as “this man is still on the political stage, he can still be the leader of the left and wants to return to power by pushing the grandson of a bloodthirsty communist murderer in front of him.” . In his opinion, we must also mention that the West failed us in 2006 in the same way we failed us in 1956, “and now they will be fully prepared to cooperate with a new, cooperative Bolshevik gang as if they were happier. After 1989-1990 without force. Change in our country, where They have already started successfully doing business with the so-called reformist communists. ”

Quoting the words of the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the National Assembly said that over the past ten years it has become clear that while we thought Europe was our future, we were in fact the future of Europe. “Even if Europe is to be commended at all, in addition to empty communication tricks and conferences, it is worth dealing with its future and taking care of us. It is true that there are many forces working to liquidate Europe in its form that has existed for thousands of years.”

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