According to Elon Musk, an unconditional basic income is needed

Just because Musk says that next year Tesla will come up with a prototype of a robot that does all the hard work for humans instead.

For many years, the idea of ​​a universal basic income has been a topic that may become more pressing with the advancement of various robotics and automation systems. He actually used Elon Musk and even got behind the action after he announced that Tesla was also working on a humanoid robot.

On the occasion of Tesla’s presentations on artificial intelligence, Musk revealed that his company is working on a humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot that would do all the dangerous, repetitive, and boring work and tasks for people in the future instead of humans.

Of course, this also means that a lot of jobs will be lost in the future, so Musk says people will need a guaranteed income in the future. According to Musk, physical labor will ultimately be a matter of choice in the future, so in the long run you will need To provide an unconditional basic income.

According to some reports, automation has already begun to replace human workers, and only restaurant inspections say, for example, that QR codes instead of waiters and menus sometimes inform guests of options; There are places where you can pay by mobile phone; But in Chicago, for example, McDonald’s is also testing automated car ordering—the bottom line is that many human functions can become redundant (of course, automated solutions aren’t always effective, and in many cases customers demand human interaction and service outrage).


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As for the robot, Musk says it will be friendly, with a height of 177 centimeters and a walking speed of 8 kilometers per hour. The prototype could arrive next year at the Tesla AI Day event As shown You will be able to attach screws to cars in factories or, for example, food packaging in stores. Musk says it’s important that the robot not be too expensive. Many have questioned Musk’s claims about the robot in light of the exaggerated promises of the past.

Musk declined to comment on the harsh criticism of the “completely autonomous” driving aid system and official US investigations, but indicated he was confident it would achieve full autonomous driving and be safer than current solutions. Official investigations were conducted, among other things, after Tesla rushed into stationary police cars and fire engines in America. Several senators have called on the Federal Trade Commission to launch an investigation into Tesla’s claims of self-management.

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