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According to Dávid Betlehem, you have to combine swimming together mentally, then the end can be bright

According to Dávid Betlehem, you have to combine swimming together mentally, then the end can be bright

David Bettelheim, who finished fifth in the men’s 5km open water swimmers event, regrets that he has outgrown the thought of competing in the water and feels that if he can recover mentally in the water, with the fast speed he just witnessed, he can even win a medal in the future. . in a global competition.

A year ago, the 19-year-old swimmer finished fifth in the 10k and seventh in the 5k at the World Championships in Budapest. This time the shorter distance was better, as he was 16th in the 10km staged on Sunday, this time he was fifth, and in the first 2500m he swam in or very close to his podium places.

“The biggest problem was that I didn’t believe in my head that I could beat them. It’s been the same now, since Florian [Wellbrock] I swam after him the first 1600 meters, and then I thought, another one is coming, he will catch my feet, I say, damn it, there will be another 10-12. place, then we look good … “ – Evaluation of the M4 Sport after it reached the finish line in Bethlehem.

He feels that he can draw strength for the future from the last few hundred meters.

Then when he docked [Rasovszky Kristóf] I started, I felt like I could swim again, and it was on the last lap, when the pace was faster, I was able to do more than that, it hurt a little bit. You can see I’m quick at the end, so I still have to work on the mental side, but it was a really good race.” he added.

He revealed that he has a lot of brain in the water and this is holding him back.

“I can’t stop my mind and just focus on where I am and start thinking, I’m getting into a negative spiral. But if I can change this and good hair comes out in the end, it can be shiny.”

After his silver medal in the 10 km distance, he finished seventh in the shorter distance Christopher Rasovsky They lost the bowl in the second round, he said, and eventually it sold out, so they could still get past him, but he’s not happy about getting into the top eight.

MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

He added that he still felt the 10km on Sunday, this time he managed to push himself.

“There is a change in a couple of days, we will try to fight there, we will see how it goes, we have to pull ourselves together.”

The 4 x 1500m mixed relay will be broadcast live by M4 Sport from 1:00 am Hungarian time from Wednesday to Thursday.

Open water swimming 5 km men world champion:
Florian Wilbrook (Germany) 53: 58.0 minutes
2. Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy) 54:02.5
3. Domenico Acerenza (Italy) 54:04.2
… 5. Bethlehem David 54: 58.6
… 7. Kristof Razovsky 55: 23.9

Women’s 5 km, world champion:
Leonie Beck (Germany) 59: 31.7 minutes
2 – Sharon van Roandal (Netherlands) 59: 32.7
3- Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) 59: 33.9
… 8. Bettina Phibian 59: 44.2
..16. ANNA ITALIAN 1:01:09.4 hours

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