According to Courtois, the last day for the leaker will be a

According to Courtois, the last day for the leaker will be a

as we wrote, There is great chaos in the Belgian national team, the players quarrel with each other, and the unity of Roberto Martinez’s team is broken. Thibaut Courtois, the goalkeeper of the Belgian national team, who performed worse than expected in the World Cup in Qatar with one win and one loss, was upset after what happened, just like Eden Hazard.

According to Courtois, the person who leaked the Belgian dressing room scandal will be spending his last day in the national team (Picture: Getty Images)

After the lucky victory over Canada, the Manchester City midfielder, who was named man of the match, Kevin De Bruyne He also bluntly said that maybe he only got recognition because of his name, because he didn’t play well. Ahead of the 2-0 defeat to Morocco, De Bruyne told the Guardian that his team cannot be world champions because the core of the 2018 bronze medalist team is too old.

After the second round, go to the midfield Jan Vertonghen, And now the Belgian sports channel RTL writes that after the match against Morocco, a huge mess broke out in the dressing room of the national team and especially De Bruyne, Eden Hazard And Vertonghen fell in love with each other, the two Romelu Lukaku Choose it separately.

According to the news, Hazard is with the wing of the team, With Leandro Trossard outside the text of the question Courtois They quarreled with several others.

The Real Madrid goalkeeper wants to know who has been leaked due to a problem in the Belgium national team’s dressing room.

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“If we find the leak it will be his last day in the national teamCourtois said.

FifthWorld Championships, Qatar
group tour
Round 3

Thursday, December 1
Croatia – Belgium (Television: M4 Sport) – Live on NSO!
16.00: Canada – Morocco (Television: Danube World) – Live on NSO!

F-Group position
1. Croatia 2 1 1 4-1 +3 4
2. Morocco 2 1 1 2-0 +2 4
3. Belgium 2 1 1 1-2 -1 3
4. Canada 2 2 1-5 -4

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