According to Chinese "Forbes", musk is also the richest man in the world

According to Chinese “Forbes”, musk is also the richest man in the world

American entrepreneur Elon Musk, president of Tesla and SpaceX, is the richest man in the world, according to the calculations of the Chinese monthly Shanghai Huron Report, which has a similar profile to Forbes.

A list was posted on the website’s website on Tuesday According to Elon Musk, his fortune jumped from $ 151 billion to $ 197 billion in one year. The increase in assets is mainly due to Tesla, which owns 21%.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon online store, ranked second, with $ 189 billion, and third, Bernard Arnault, president and CEO of French luxury company LVMH, with $ 114 billion in assets.

For the first time on the Hurun list, China is among the 10 richest people, with assets of $ 85 billion, becoming seventh in the 67-year-old president of Nongfu Mineral Water Bottling Company, Chung San-san.

According to the Huron Report, there are currently $ 3,228 billion in the world, an increase of 414 in one year. Their combined assets rose 32 percent to $ 14,000 to $ 700 billion despite the coronavirus epidemic.

51 percent of the world’s billionaires live in Asia, and most of them are in China, according to The Monthly, 1058. The United States ranks second with 696 billionaires and third in India with 177 billionaires.

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