According to Andi Tóth, it's a miracle he didn't cut off the microphone for the audience at his last concert.

According to Andi Tóth, it’s a miracle he didn’t cut off the microphone for the audience at his last concert.

Once again, there was a problem with the sound technique, as the singer swore during the performance.

He’s been raising a lot of dust these days GwM The condition of the rapper barely two minutes after he went on stage is over His concert due to insufficient sound technology.

Similar errors occurred last night Andy Toth Also in his concert in Oradea. The singer has always wanted to perform in her hometown, but neither she nor the audience enjoyed the show, the sound was too bad.

I’m sorry we were able to organize such a concert for the ringworm. I really feel ashamed! This is it. Sorry, it’s not my fault, the sound was silly, I didn’t hear anything. (…) I was nervous the whole time, I swear. No wonder I didn’t play with the microphone in the audience. So I’m so sorry

garden Apologize to your fans for our 24-hour Instagram history.

There were no high-ranking audio technicians and no one helped them. I cried so much there was no sound, I tried. So I’m sorry, it was a tragedy. Drops. This is it

And the singer continued, followed by a recording clearHow was it at his party? He confirmed that he would not leave his fans there despite the poor technique, but said that his performance yesterday was not enjoyable for everyone.

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