According to an ominous sign, the UK is dangerously close to the end

According to an ominous sign, the UK is dangerously close to the end

Legend has it that there must always be at least six ravens in the Tower of London, or else the kingdom will fall apart. Now one of them, the Queen of Crows, is gone.

The whole world, sitting on the needles, was waiting for the end of 2020 to finally end, hoping that in 2021 everything would be much better, but for the British, nothing bright will start the New Year. The coronavirus pandemic is spreading, the negative effects of Brexit are starting to show, and the Scottish independence movement is gaining momentum.

After that, it’s not really a good sign that the country is getting dangerously close to fulfilling the prophecy of the end of the British Kingdom. The Queen of Ravens has disappeared from the Tower of London, leaving only seven ravens in the former castle, which also preserves the Crown Jewels – mentioned The local press. Legend has it that if fewer than six ravens remain in the building, it predicts the collapse of the British Kingdom.

a Merlin A crow named Burj was reported missing several weeks ago and is pretty sure it was destroyed. The lord of the raven in the tower, Christopher Skevi BBC Public Service Tax in the UK He saidNow he is mainly concerned about the kingdom, because if the crows leave the tower, “the kingdom will fall to dust.” Then he added, laughing:

Of course, this is just a myth and legend.

Meanwhile, Tower said in reassurance that thanks to their breeding program, they will soon replace Merlina with a newly hatched crow.

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