According to Alonso, he did nothing wrong either, as he was punished for locking Vettel

According to Alonso, he did nothing wrong either, as he was punished for locking Vettel

According to Cheese and Fernando Alonso, he could have done little more to keep the two-time Alpine world champion than the impeached Grand Duke of Austria, Sebastian Vettel. The most interesting are the conditions that lead to retention.

Sebastian Vettel had three starting offenses (and one penalty point) on Sunday at the Osterk Grand Duke, after which the coach lifted Fernando Alons to the second stage. At the same time, the legendary world champion did nothing wrong, according to Alonso, and looking at things, it turned out that he was already trying to follow the rules in a unique way.

They took the insultForrs: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Bryn Lennon

Fernando Alonso arrived in the last corner at high speed in the second quarter, then was surprised to see Sebastian Vettel was almost in the middle of the field. Vettel was the last of those who wanted to start the fast track at the end of the second training session, but before that there was such a delay that he couldn’t do it before the two-time world champion krbert a mrt krn.

Although as soon as he saw the Spaniard in the fire Vettel went up on steam, he was very wet, and the alpine rider lost a lot of time and was eliminated.

The multiple world champion was not able to start his lap due to the movement, but also advanced to the third quarter, where he assisted on the eighth, but due to the offense, he will eventually have to start from the eleventh position.

Alonsn, however, this master did not help. The spanish image of the seed in rdi has changed, but in front of the camera it is much quieter. “We missed the opportunity to start second or sixth tomorrow and have another race as it will be,” he said. Sky SportsKnack. “I don’t think we’re going to score points tomorrow, so whatever punishment the others get, it’s not going to be big enough.” But it’s true, they coped with the situation in front of me very poorly. I’m disappointed that we had the potential, had probably the best time of the whole season, and didn’t get the most out of it.”

holding on

“We’ve talked a little bit about briefing the driver ‘behaviour in bends 9 and 10’, but it’s generally confusing because I think the rules are mostly jzan based,” Alonso said. We need cruel crimes because they are not right, which is what happened today. It’s very frustrating to lose so many points tomorrow, and now we can forget about the race, because starting from 14th place, it’s practically over now. It’s a strange heat for us.”

Race director Michael Massey banned Saturday’s freestyle coaches from driving unreasonably slowly between entering the ninth and penultimate turn and exiting the tenth, the last turn, and, for example, setting an appropriate distance in the distance before the start. M. As Alonso pointed out, that’s what they did. Yesterday we agreed to walk the straight line between corners 8 and 9, I did it, everyone went to the line for it, then slowed down between 9 and 10, although we agreed not to go down there. Vettel pointed up. “If I get offended, everyone has to do something, and then we’ll stay there.” I don’t know, I don’t think I could have done anything else.”

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He didn’t blame Alonso VettelForce: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Peter Fox

Alonso agreed, too, who has repeatedly emphasized that it was not Vettel’s fault. “I don’t think Seb could have done much as we just lean our car in the car. The Spaniard, who said it was inevitable that a T-shape scene would develop in the final corners, I think it was more of the team’s fault than Seb’s,” said the Spaniard, who said it was inevitable that a T-shape would develop in the final corners. Because that’s what they do. The result is that chromium-free cars take a few mg and are a must-read. If we were free in front of the beach, we would look for a clean outlet. But as I said, I don’t think Seb would have done anything wrong because Mr. slandered me or criticized him in front of him. But as far as we are concerned, it doesn’t matter much what happens to them.”

“I watched the tide carefully, but Fernando was dead, I just picked him up in the last few seconds, and the woman’s cream was ruined too, because we’ve been close since, my acceleration was bad, I tried to get out of tj. I’m so sorry he did nothing wrong, I don’t think That I could have done pretty much anything,” said the multiple world champion, who said those who didn’t bother and got excited instead of slowing down could be to blame.I think that was the fault of the LV racers in front of me because they were in line up front and I don’t think that’s good. That’s not what we agreed on.”

Then Sky Sports His reporter called for a tacit agreement between the riders, and he often mentions this season as well, that it was impossible to queue before he supported Vettel so much that he was ‘in line at all?’ Then he added that “there’s not much we can do about it” We don’t talk to each other. We talk to each other, but we don’t talk to each other.”

What really happened

The competitors’ onboard camera recordings show their crowded position GPS signal With the help of Alonso, the chain reaction leading to retention can be reconstructed relatively well. The field was relatively lonely, and as they approached the last two turns, the situation became even more chaotic.

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At the start of the last fast start in the second quarter, conversion funnels moved relatively quickly, but then the site started to climb from the top.Furres: F1 TV

Vettel took seventh place in the standings, Alonso, Gasly, Giovinazzi, Konuda, Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz Magt. When the piles in front of him left the turn, they began to retreat from the temple and leave more space in front of them to reach the end of the circle so that they could begin the measured measures. Leclerc, Verstappen and Sainz did the same with Vettel. Four-time world champion Ferrari slowed and leveled after a 55-foot turn, but Norris who came after him didn’t win and replaced it with momentum and then passed Sainz. But here MG did not stop, but in the eighth turn, keeping a reasonable distance from Leclerc, he also broke into Verstappen, then after the ninth straight line he also met Leclerc, but just in time before the ninth turn. Remained so as not to fall into Monaco.

Listening to Norris’ team experience, it turned out that his performance at the next turn, Vettel shared the last streak with him in the lead for Alonso’s center, then drew Norris’ attention to the fact that the past was starting to leave room for the fast. However, this did not bother Norris, he went with Vettel, and then in a rather dangerous way, next to Sainz. Then Verstappen slowed down, but did not finally settle there, but also overtook the Dutchman.

You can watch from the onboard camera as Norris overtakes the outside, hanging off the steering wheel and ahead of Sainzo before Turn SixFurres: F1 TV

Examining Norris’ stories, you can see that the McLaren track provoked an unnecessary frontal backlash that led to a backlash.

Verstappen was driving at a steady pace until McLaren passed him, but when Norris left, he got up on steam to start again before turning 9.

Immediately responding, Sainz raced to a level so he had to work really hard not to run into Red Bull. Htrbb was revamped on a small level, and Stroll, who took Vettel before the eighth turn, did the same, sending Ricciard down to earth.

Meanwhile, talk to Vettel about the turmoil Insist on what was agreed upon beforehand, and he didn’t start to have a headache (Mrunck kept telling him how long he had to start the race), Nargis, Strol and Ricciardo reluctantly said Sergio Brize on the clear level what the correct behavior was, because 8- Then straighten the bend and let it go slow and leave some space between Vettel and the cheese itself . AD then repeat something unexpected.

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Hamilton, when he arrived, overtook Vettel and Breeze in a straight line before Turn 9Furres: F1 TV

Lewis Hamilton, trio of George Russell and Valtteri Bottas, who left the pits at least, were a little late. And as if the smoking Aston Martin and Red Bull weren’t there either, Manderman stormed them in a straight line until they were all lined up between Rickiard and Zrull at Turn 9. And only then did he decide to avoid Vettel, who was still sluggish, and who could hear the following during these events:

Take the eighth turn: “It’s such a big bang, do we have time?”
Flexible: “We have a minute, we have a minute.”
straight vetel: “Szlj when the master has only two cars in front of me.”
Vettel, after Hamiltonk and then Breeze ahead of him: “We simply knew it. And here is mg a (aut).”
Flexible: “Mg is always 35 msodperced.”
Renk, as Vettel enters turn 9: “30 seconds, they are free in front of you, everything is clear.”
To Merck Vettel at Bend 9: “You have 5 seconds to get started.”
Vettel: “I don’t think we will rise.”
Flexible: “Then go, go, go.”
Mrnk, after Mr. Vettel Alonst raised: Alonso canceled.
Vettel: “Yes, yes, I know.”
After each turn, take the derailleur after each turn of Alonst: “Didn’t you hand over Alon?”

Of course, we can only assume, but it seems likely that Vettel would have started the race in time if the mg hrman hadn’t preceded him before turning 9. In this case, Alonso would likely have internalized that hrmast.

Interestingly, Russell was instructed directly by the brand to challenge Hamilton ahead of Vettel and Prezt.

(Peter Bonington didn’t tell Hamilton like that), he’s under investigation, and Bottas and I were judged to see if he’d write about cheese, he probably thought he needed to hurry.

Bottas is Dougba KirlettFurres: F1 TV

Either way, Vettel was basically a victim of trying to keep up with the race director’s passengers and putting himself before the ninth turn so he could go there at a brisk pace (“wind when there’s only two in front of me”).

Mercedes Sport Director Ron Meadows will be heard live at the start of the day. rkrdezet Michael Masinel asked if he was comfortable with the way the third freeman handled the situation in the ninth and tenth corners, before the race director said it in all respects, “except for the PR guy who was in the ninth and tenth corners. And they slowed into a turn , but I spoke to them.” For this, Meadows emphasized, “The most important thing is to take 9s and 10s quickly so you don’t get in the way.”

After all, it is ironic that Mercedes could not comply with this either, and besides them, many other images moved slowly in the ill-fated section. By the way, the sports supervisors did not check the performance of Carlos Sainz at a level comparable to that of Bottas, but in the end both cases were noted by the fact that the others were moving slowly, so the competitor in question had to slow down.

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