According to a study, Android users drive better than iPhones

According to a study, Android users drive better than iPhones

Not electricity, but a car. In the past, all kinds of research have been done comparing people using Android and iOS, trying to get a picture of consumer habits, but of course there are some surveys that are mostly used to fight the two camps against each other. Perhaps the most recent survey that is the topic of our article falls more into the latter category.

An app called Jerry is designed to compare different auto insurance policies, and the results of recently published research come from the app’s collection. Operators wanted to know if Android or iOS users were driving better and safer. To be able to estimate this, 13 million kilometers of driving data was collected from 20,000 cars. By all benchmarks, Android users perform better on the road.

Jerry analyzed data from 20,000 drivers collected over 14 days of driving 13 million kilometers. From the data, driving score and sub-scores for acceleration, speed, braking, cornering and distraction were determined. The results were then aggregated according to different smartphone operating systems and demographics.”

Whether it comes to focus, braking or cornering, Android users have won in every category, which means they drive with greater safety. Focusing on the road is what makes the most difference, the study found that iPhone owners are more likely to look at their smartphone than others.

However, Jerry says Android users are more open, honest, and humble, and are much less concerned with the social status and well-being of others, according to Jerry.

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source: GizChina

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