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According to a recent study, it is unfortunate that few people trust public media in Hungary

According to a recent study, it is unfortunate that few people trust public media in Hungary

In terms of the credibility of news services, Hungarian public media is at the bottom of the EU ranking.

In the 25 member states of the European Union, state media top the list of most credible news providers, compared to Hungary, where 25 percent of those who trust government news providers prefer to get their information from social networks – this is revealed by the Eurobarometer survey, which In his article Tuesday Prescribed by Nebzava.

As they write, with the exception of Hungary and Poland, there is no member state in which less than a third of people trust government news service providers: even in Greece and Malta, which share third place from behind, this rate reaches 39%. Most people in Finland (71%), Portugal (65%) and Sweden (63%) consider public media to be the most reliable source of news, according to a recent Eurobarometer poll published by the European Parliament.

Accordingly, in Hungary, people, groups or friends who are followed on social media, as well as other news platforms, including blogs and podcasts, top the list of most credible news providers. According to opinion polls, this shows that Hungarians are turning away radically from traditional news sources.

Among social media in Hungary, Facebook is by far the most popular: 83 percent of those who participated in the survey claimed to have used it in the past seven days. In contrast, the European Union average is 63%. Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s popularity is much lower here (13 percent) than in the EU (62 percent). For 71% of EU respondents, television remains one of the most used media, followed by online journalism and news platforms (42%). Radio and social media platforms share third place (both 37%), while 21% of citizens get their information from the written press, according to the Nebzava report.

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Featured image: The “Siege of the Factory of Lies” protest organized in Budapest at the MTVA headquarters (Kunigunda útja) by Akos Hadhazi, Independent Member of Parliament, on November 4, 2022. Photo: Balint Szayki /

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