Accompanied by a huge light phenomenon, a meteor crash over Britain

The British Fireball Alliance said, on Monday, that a meteor penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere over Britain on Sunday night, and this bright phenomenon was also detected in Iceland and the Netherlands.

Parts of the meteorite may have fallen north of Cheltenham and 140 kilometers northwest of London.

Especially bright meteors are called fire balls. Usually these rocks pass through space at high speed. When it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it experiences resistance and decelerates, thus the heat and heat generated make this phenomenon visible in the night sky.

Ashley King of the Natural History Museum in London said that according to a video, the rock was traveling at 48,000 kilometers per hour. “It’s very fast to be man-made junk“- says the expert.

The recordings also made it possible to reconstruct the meteor’s original orbit around the sun: the object may have traveled between Mars and Jupiter.

If a meteor is found, photograph and record the coordinates, but don’t touch the rocksI asked Catherine Joy, a staff member at the University of Manchester.

Cover photo illustration.

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